Justine McLaughlin

A New York native from a family of performers, Justine attended Dalton High School where she further developed her passion for film and theater. After earning her degree in Theatre Arts at Northwestern University, she entered the Los Angeles film and television industry as an executive assistant at the William Morris Agency and later, Creative Artists. After a few years she moved on to production work, where she assisted on television shows such as "Lizzie McGuire," as well as in motion pictures including the much-loved "Serendipity."

In 2002, Justine returned to New York, entering the sales and advertising department at Conde Nast Publications during the launch of their new magazine CARGO. The experience and skills she gained in sales inspired her to enter the real estate business. She earned her license in 2005 before joining Warren Lewis Realty in 2006. It was here that she met her colleague Luis Martinez who later invited her to join him in his new business venture at DWELL Residential.

Justine's wide range of experiences have given her a level of expertise in real estate guaranteed to satisfy all of her clients' wants and needs, and her vibrant, outgoing personality makes every relationship, professional or personal, an open, honest, and productive one. She currently lives in Park Slope with her husband, their two daughters, and their overly friendly Labrador, Niko. She retains a strong dedication to theater, serving on the Board of Directors at The Gallery Players.

As a marketing specialist and long time Brooklyn resident with ten years in the industry, Justine has finally found her home at DWELL.

"Dear Justine & Luis,

Thya and I want to thank you for the great job you did as a team in shepherding us, and the buyer, to the successful sale of our home. The path we chose was not the easiest; it required your close attention to details and timing. You two handled it all with professional ease, good humor and, when necessary, gracefully applied pressure. Along the way, your advice was timely, accurate and reassuring; a reflection of your deep experience in the buying and selling of homes.

In selling our home we came to realize that the whole process is so much more than just a financial transaction. The lives lived, the great transitions experienced, the fondness for neighbors and the neighborhood all make the experience one of great emotional heft. We both appreciated your sensitivity to, and your consideration of, the very personal nature of the process.

Ultimately, you helped us find and secure the buyer who, financially and socially, was the best fit for us. Thank you so much. I hope other buyers and sellers will be lucky enough to find you.

Bill Brennan and Thya Merz
(Sellers, 181 15th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215)"