Welcome to Dwell Residential!

Dwell Residential_Brooklyn Bridge

If you are confused because you jumped on the Internet and were looking for Betancourt Realty Associates don’t worry, you’re in the right place. Everyone from Betancourt is here—Tim, John, Isabelle, Myrta, Joe and Kristin. Now they have some company with new additions to our roster: Tom, Aaron, David, Ken, Ben and Michelle…with more to come in the next few weeks! Last but not least there’s Justine, our MOM (Marketing and Operations Manager); there’s me Luis, owner/broker; and my best friend Frank, who’s signed on to help me make this the boutique real estate brokerage you will want to want to work with again and again.

Writing that this is the start of a new project would make this move sound too simple. Perhaps it would be better to say that this is the next natural step following hundreds of transactions after meeting thousands of people and working with innumerable brokers from small and large firms and everything in between. Every interaction—the good ones and the more challenging ones—have helped shape who I am as a broker. Those interactions also have helped me figure out the things I like in my work environment and the things I can do without. After years of work with my family of clients and friends, the decision to launch Dwell Residential is based on my conviction that I can pull together all the things I love about real estate under one roof. I won’t rattle them all off here, I’ll just mention one now and I will leave others for future posts. More than anything, the best thing about real estate for me is building relationships. Tom and Aaron are two brokers who were my colleagues at the first firm I worked for when the ink wasn’t yet dry on my salesperson license. We are all working together now because of the friendships we developed and maintained over the years. I’m in touch with many of my very first clients and love catching up with all of them. Working together with old friends and new ones is the aspect of real estate which makes me the happiest and because of that: building relationships is the bedrock of Dwell Residential.

We are all very excited to continue to grow long-standing relationships and develop new ones under this new banner together.