Donald Killinger

Let’s chat first. I want to get to know you, your lifestyle, your housing needs, and what you want to get from this amazing and forever changing city. I sincerely want you to be comfortable with me and to feel confident that you can trust one of your biggest decisions to me, whether you’re just starting out, finding a home where you plan to lay roots, or parting ways with a serious investment you’ve made in the New York housing market long ago. Me? I’m originally from Baltimore, but found my way to New York in 1994 to earn a Master’s degree in Urban Planning. I’ve seen and experienced the incredible changes of this town, for better or not-so-much. During those early years, I did the young person thing and bounced around a lot, from great apartments that I never should’ve given up, to a couple really bad housing choices. I have hopped from the East Village, to Cobble Hill, then Carroll Gardens, Gowanus, Park Slope, and now Windsor Terrace. And in a previous career, I had the fortune to spend a lot of time in communities far and wide in the five boroughs, from Gerritsen Beach to Woodlawn, Stapleton to Little Neck. Let me put that intimate knowledge of the city, and my own housing experiences, to work for you. Above all, I bring integrity to my work; I will try never to waste your time; and I truly hope to open the door to your new home.