Thomas Curtis

A native Englishman, Tom has had the pleasure of serving the Brooklyn public as a Real Estate professional for 25 years. Known as much for his easy-going manner as for his trustworthiness and knowledge, Tom likes the personal interaction that comes from working with Sellers to help them move on with their lives; and the singular pleasure of setting-up a family in their new home with all the attendant expectation and hope that brings.

With 5 years working with Sellers and Buyers in Downtown Manhattan followed by 20 years in Park Slope Brooklyn, Tom has as much experience to bring to the real estate transaction as he has calm and level-headedness from having seen it all.

When he isn’t pounding the pavement on your behalf, Tom likes to relax with a stroll through the
Botanic Gardens and Prospect Park or a short trip to his Upstate cabin to re-connect with nature.



Recent Transactions


227 8th Street
Bedrooms: 6+
Bathrooms: 6 Bathroom
Square Footage: 4125
Neighborhood: Park Slope


930 President Street1 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$3,350
454 8th St 1 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$2,650
509 4th St1 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$2,800
22nd St4 Bedroom2 BathroomGreenwood Heights$5,000
475 4th St1 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$2,750
227 8th Street1 Bedroom w/ HO1 BathroomPark Slope$2,400
12th Street1 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$2,150
97 Chester Ave2 Bedroom1 BathroomKensington$1,700
352 21st St2 Bedroom1 BathroomGreenwood Heights$2,700
130 Summit Street2 Bedroom1 BathroomCarroll Gardens$2,875
12th St3 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$3,600
14th Street1 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$2,050
227 8th Street1 Bedroom w/ HO1 BathroomPark Slope$2,095
12th Street1 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$2,000
463 36th Street2 Bedroom1 BathroomSunset Park$2,600
191 17th St 2 Bedroom w/ HO1 BathroomGreenwood Heights$2,500
728 7th ave3 Bedroom1 BathroomSunset Park$
644 6TH AVE.1 Bedroom w/ HO1 BathroomGreenwood Heights$2,200
8th St1 Bedroom w/ HO1 BathroomPark Slope$2,400
Prospect Park South West 1 Bedroom1 BathroomWindsor Terrace$2,100
13th Street1 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$
19th StStudio1 BathroomGreenwood Heights$1,350
10th street1 Bedroom w/ HO1 BathroomPark Slope$2,600
17th St1 Bedroom w/ HO1 BathroomGreenwood Heights$2,200
127 Prospect Place3 Bedroom1 BathroomProspect Heights$3,850
E 16th St2 Bedroom1 BathroomDitmas Park$2,600
13th Street1 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$2,700
7th Ave2 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$3,300
9th St1 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$2,300
15th St2 Bedroom1 BathroomPark Slope$2,650
Windsor Pl1 Bedroom1 BathroomWindsor Terrace$1,900
17th St1 Bedroom w/ HO1 BathroomGreenwood Heights$2,000
6th Avenue3 Bedroom2 BathroomPark Slope$1,350,000