Alexandre Barbier

Anchored in a strong international background from having lived my childhood in Beirut, Prague, the South of France and Spain, my primary cultural experience is as a Frenchman. As an adult, I resided in various American cities, notably Pittsburgh, upstate New York, Manhattan and Brooklyn. I have learned and forgotten languages along the way, keeping my native French and schooled English as primary idioms, Spanish a close third, Italian and Serbian a foot in the door, German a fond memory, and Latin, yes Latin, as a conversation piece. I have made my nest as a New Yorker since 1988 and Brooklynite since 1997, and secured it as a homeowner and an investor. Many hobbies and passions crowd my spare time, including an eye for photography and an ear for music, an appreciation of the Arts classical and modern, an interest in world affairs, and... people, people, people!



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